Glendale Humane Society - Adopt Us!

Today Diana Fields and I went to the Glendale Humane Society to photograph some of the dogs that are currently up for adoption. Diana has been doing some great work for the shelter and I was very eager to tag along. Located in Glendale, California; GHS is a no-kill shelter with a really great space and a dog loving staff watching after the animals. We are hoping that with some nicer photographs, the dogs would have a better chance at being adopted. I know that when I adopted my dog, her photo depicted a scared puppy in a corner, which did nothing to show off her animated character. We’re hoping that by showing off their personalities, people will see that they are not simply saving a dog, but inviting a friend into their homes

If any of these dogs look like your future best friend, head on over to the Glendale Humane Society website, or shoot an email to

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